Today Me and Ivan had our first lesson/seminar for Practise 1. We discussed what the module would entail and looked through its structure and content. As I am the only student in the class (if you could call it that) we both acknowledged how the content could very much be guided towards my own interests, which is something that I feel will let me get the most out of my time. We also talked through the idea of Screen Cultures as a subject and identified how it is in many ways hard to explain and almost justify. I have always found this during my time doing my BA, and I think part of this is because of how vast it is; not only does it encompasses a wide range of media but I believe it extends the boundaries of its subject through historical, philosophical, ethical and social parameters. As well as this, there is, to some degree always a link between many of the fundamental aspects that I have studied and because of this it can often be hard to be specific and sharp about the relevance and meaning of ‘Screen Cultures’.

Having said this I am starting this blog post by identifying what I would like to achieve from this module. Of course it will provide me with the opportunity to specialise in certain areas of interest and give me the platform develop my knowledge. However I hope that during this research and especially by the end of the module I will have a very specified Idea of exactly what Screen Cultures entails, where my specialty lies and how my knowledge and skills have a relevance within the field.