This is just a short post, and a way for me to write down my plan for the third study task – a 500 word literature review, answering the question – ‘In the digital age, are we committed to the experience of the Gesamtkunstwerk or do we more than ever need the idea of medium specificity? Part of the reason I dedicated a lot of time to research and amassed a lot of sources was because I am doing a lit review and so it was important to have a good understanding on what has been said about the topic. I feel I have demonstrated a good understanding and developed some good arguments in my blog post but now I will be able to hone in specifically on this topic, using theory to make a guided argument towards answering the question.

Because I have only 500 words I have to be very disciplined with how I distribute the information and make my arguments. It is obviously important to establish the idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk, discussing what has been said about it and how it can be related to the digital age. Again the same has to be done with the notion of medium specificity. I then need to use comparative examples that concern digital media to elaborate on the discussion before concluding with a final argument that supports one of the two ideas.

The following is a breakdown of the structure of my literature review:

150 words introducing the Gesamtkunstwerk, identifying what has been said about it and to give a strong example of the idea in digital media.

150 words introducing the medium specificity idea, again identifying what has been said and then use the same example from before but in relation to medium specificity obviously.

150 words using another key example to compare between both ideas and discuss the limitations of what each notion proposes.

50 words to conclude and answer question.

Throughout I will be making my opinion on the question obvious by dedicating more words to discuss the idea I am in favor of. I will also be trying to some up my point very clearly to give the reader a sense of the ultimate direction I am going in as I only have 50 words for my conclusion.