This post is just to review the session with Ivan from Tuesday. This week we did not cover any new topic, but rather went over where I was at, looked at some of my work and talked through the module brief and schedule.

I had previously asked if it were possible to change the assignments slightly so that there were fewer study tasks and a bigger final outcome/essay. I felt that 7 study tasks was a lot and became repetitive and that 5 would be better suited and suffice in a way that suited what I wanted to achieve from this module. I like the study tasks in the sense that they are intense and require a quick turn around, which I have noticed is a skill I have developed over the last 4 weeks. However I do feel with this task that because they are small and I have a finite time scale, often my research and outcome is limited and I am not able to thoroughly explore the topic.

Whereas the essay will give me the opportunity to achieve this but because it is only 1500 words, again I am limited. Therefore I feel that if this were longer and the tasks were less, the proportion of the varied study I am participating in would level itself out. Ivan agreed to let me change this and he said that some of the planned lessons were similar and so they could be combined so that I am not missing out on any teaching content, which is something that I was happy with. So with the 5 study tasks I will also have a 300 – 3500 word essay (or equivalent) to complete. I feel that with a bigger essay it will give me the opportunity to take a topic I have already explored and develop my knowledge in that area and then allow me to show a very good understanding in my analysis because I have a lot of room to illustrate my research and ideas.

We agreed to meet on the 12th November (or around) to have my final study task/teaching lesson so that I can use this week refining and making improvements to the work I already have completed.