Prior to my Lesson with Ivan this coming Wednesday (12/11/14) I looked at the updated Module Schedule to see the key commentators that were listed so I could begin doing some reading.  As I previously mentioned, this coming lesson would be a combination of ‘Wrestling with the digital self: life on the screen in the 21st century’ and ‘Taking part, joining In: the rise of participatory culture’.

This works very well for me as I have looked at quite a lot of Social Media related reading content and so by combining it with the lesson on Participatory Culture it will give me the opportunity to look into this area in a different angle. To expand on this point I would say that this will allow me to look at Social Media in respect to how individuals present themselves through social sites especially in accordance to the type of material that they create and share, and how this has direct links with their online identity.

In terms of the Social media side, I have come across all of the suggested reading material except that of Geert Lovink and so I decided to begin looking at some of his material, although I will be discussing the rest in my future post.

As I mentioned earlier in the post I have not covered much of Participatory Culture but I have decided to start with Henry Jenkins as I am aware of how prominent and influential he is in this discipline; especially so, considering he coined the term.

Figure 1 & 2. Jenkins and Geert Lovink

Figure 1 & 2. Jenkins and Lovink

These are the two books that I have began reading. I won’t discuss my thoughts in this post as I will be doing so, and giving my critique after this weeks session, and so, this is all for now.




Figure 1. Networks Without a Cause, Geert Lovink. Available at:  [Accessed on 10/11/2014]

 Figure 2. Spreadable Media, Henry Jenkins Available at: [Accessed on 10/11/2014]