Just a short post regarding today’s lesson with Ivan as I will be covering my own development in the following 2 posts.

We began by discussing the Participatory Culture and its link with Social Media and how trends have changed with audiences likes. For example, with YouTube’s popularity and particular Blogs, there has been a recent surge in individuals becoming involved with user created content.  According to YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/yt/press/en-GB/statistics.html), their platform reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable network (Yes a UK example would be more appropriate but you get the point and considering this is not a post embodied in developed research but rather my own reflection, it will do just fine). And amongst this popularity, there is a lot of interest in user created channels which shows how people are changing their interest- from professional cable to amateur YouTube channels.

This lead onto the discussion of where is the definitive line between professional and amateur, irrespective of who the content has been produced by. One platform which is a very good example here is the app market which we agreed is one which very much blurs the line as anybody can produce apps. Furthermore, it could be argued that consumers for the most part have no idea, nor concern who it was made by. All that is important is what it does. With many other examples of media, the producing name is often a major catalyst for its performance, or rather how it is viewed. I find this situation very fascinating, especially considering the rapidly increasing size of app markets and their influence within converging technological platforms.