Today I had a tutorial with Ivan to track my progress with how my research is going for my essay. We looked through my research on the blog and I talked through my ideas and how these relate to my own personal interests as well as the topic I will be writing about.

I feel at this point I have a lot of well developed and insightful research which I have made very in depth and analytical notes on but my ideas are quite broad and unrefined.

Ivan identified that the aspect of me talking about education in regards to participatory culture was something that was relevant but he noted that it was important to not go off track. Admittedly, whilst I was researching this area I felt the same, however it is still something which is very valid to my argument and I feel it gives me a different angle to discuss my ideas and so it is definitely invaluable to my project in this regard. Therefore I will be cautious to keep this discussion very focused and to the point to ensure it does not drift off into something which may be classed as irrelevant.

Ivan was happy with the research I had collated so far and said I needed to refine what I had and develop more of a structure to my argument. Indeed, I think that I have a good start and I proposed the idea that I want to use the four examples of blogs, Wikipedia, YouTube and Social Media that Keen scrutinizes as a basis to form my essay and to then use the education and democracy of free speech aspects to support my argument. And so, on that note I will draw up an initial plan for my essay which will help me in furthering my project and allow me to see the best way to continue in terms of my research .