Today I had my last tutorial with Ivan before my assignment would be due in. Since our last tutorial I have a more concise and developed plan that has more focus. I decided that rather than produce my essay responding to both Keen and Jenkins’ book was not the best way to go. My influence and inspiration for this project was Keen’s book and my disagreement with his argument was what encouraged to choose this topic. Therefore I will be writing and putting forth an argument in response to what Keen says in his book.

I will still be making reference to a lot of material from Jenkins as he is of course very instrumental in this instance, and as well because I have collated a fair bit of research on his work which will be very beneficial to me.

Ivan also introduced the idea of Richard Dawkins’ ‘Memetics’ and explained how this could be of use to me. His book, ‘The Selfish Gene’ (1976) will be something I discuss in my essay as it explains meme theory which is very prominent online and within participatory culture so I will be looking further into this before I start my essay.