This is just a short post to update on my essay. Also I should note that since my time is going into that and my research is now done, my blog activity will slow down.

So, I am about half way through my essay and so I felt it would be appropriate to reflect on how that task is going. I have done my introduction where I introduce Keen’s book and discuss how he is writing a polemic and that whilst he makes very valid points, he fails to give credit to a lot of the effects of participatory culture. I think I have introduced my essay well as it is clear the area that I am focusing on and I have stated where my issue with Keen’s book is, and identified how I will put forth an argument in response to this.

I have also identified a historical context to the notion of participatory culture and explained its characteristics in thorough detail, in relation to both prior and during the ‘digital age’. I have also discussed the idea of memetics and stated how this knowledge can be applied to various points where I will talk about virality throughout the essay.

I started the first of my 4 arguments, with ‘Wikipedia’ in which I have found very helpful material that I feel has really helped me develop strong arguments in response to what Keen states. I think Keen has been very naive with his discussion of Wikipedia and so it was very fun and rewarding responding to some of the audacious comments he makes on this platform.

Half down, half to go!