I have just completed my essay and this will be a short reflective post. Rather than give an overview of what I have done (like the last post) I will be more reflective from an evaluative point of view.

Overall I am very happy with my outcome as I feel I have been very clear in my communication and I have addressed the question I set out to with very strong supporting arguments.

I planned to give myself 400 words for each section of Keen’s four arguments – Wikipedia, Blogs, YouTube and social media. However as I was writing it quickly became evident that I could not fit in everything I had to write in 400 words, both for my own ideas and the research I had gathered. I decided that I would cut out the social media part as this out of the 4 was the least prominent area that I felt would contribute towards the strength of my essay. This was because I had less research on this part and also because whilst social media is very much a part of participatory culture, it is on a different level in terms of contribution as opposed to the other 3. Also, I felt my essay would have a stronger and more developed argument with 3 longer sections rather than 4 whilst still having enough content and so I was very happy with that decision.

I was (like usual for myself) over the word count and so I had to cut down on a lot of content on each section. This was quite difficult and in some cases I had to remove quite bulk amounts of text. However I feel my essay is a lot more sharp and to the point with less clutter, and this makes it a lot more enjoyable to read.

Lastly I would like to mention that I did find that I had a lot more I would have liked to discuss regarding YouTube. I was not able to cover many of the ideas that I had researched and I feel that it was missed out. So, if I get the chance to focus on specifically YouTube for another assignment that would be very good for my own interests.