Yesterday I had my first Lesson with Alan for the second part of my Practice 1 module which from now on will be individual work based. We went through the assignment brief which requires two parts. Part 1 is a short 3/4 week project which asks me to focus on the reflective application of learning and experiences from the inter disciplinary project (which i have just completed). The outcome should be Screen Culture related, so a website, podcast, poster, written report etc… which is appropriate for my selected audience. Part 2 runs through to the end of the semester and concerns my planning for my final project in semester C. So this research based task will give me the opportunity to identify the scope, relevance and feasibility of the project. I must also keep a blog with regular, updated posts that track and illustrate my working methods throughout the module and then finally a 1000 post which identifies the forefront of my discipline/course and what I have learnt from the module.

Fortunately for me, the nature of the blog was the same in the Practice 1 module and so this is something that I am familiar with in terms of my pattern of posting and I would say it is one of my strengths, to keep track of my work and highlight what it is I’m working on through the blog.

In terms of the first task, I have initial ideas about where I want the project to go and I very much like that the assignment asks for a reflective approach towards the group work. I am very much interested in the concept of team work and the implications of that, especially in an education and also in comparison to a professional environment. I will expand on this idea in my next post as this is just to review on my last lesson.

The second task is something which I have had in mind, topic wise for a while since it concerns my final project. I have previously looked at Nicholas Carr’s book,  The Shallows in which he discusses his recent change in the way he receives information – online as opposed to books, and the effects this has. There is also a prominent debate on the authority of information on the web and its reliance and I find these debates very interesting and they are certainly very in this age. Again, I will be discussing this later on in the term.

Finally, I quite like the 1000 word post as it is something I haven’t done before. Of course I have looked at different elements within my discipline, but to look at it as a whole and distinguish its relevance and modern application is very interesting to me, and this is something I am excited about.

Check out my new posts to see how my ideas with task 1 will be developing.