So in relation to the first task of the brief, I will use this post to discuss my intentions for the outcome of my project. The last group work project I did was my third and I found the experience very different to the last two which were at undergraduate level. I found that there was a greater level of participation from all members and that the level of enthusiasm was a lot higher. I also felt that the degree of conflict, or rather how conflict was handled was different too.

From my own experiences I know a lot of individuals who dislike group work as often it involves doing things outside of their own discipline and they therefore feel it is to no relevance to themselves. Also, they feel they complete tasks which are arbitrary to what is essential to their own benefit. Whilst this may be somewhat true, and the work they do may not be specific to what they specialize in I would argue that the process of teamwork is just as important, if not more important than the content itself in an education based environment. So what is produced by the team can be far less important and significant than the notion of how the team worked together, how they communicated, problem solved, delegated work and negotiated. These experiences, and experiences is the best way to describe it, provide individuals with an opportunity to participate with other individuals which is a very desirable skill to posses, and often one that I would argue can be overlooked. The success of a group project at college/university level is not wholly defined by the final outcome but rather what can be learnt by working with other people.

I think this point is very much missed and there can be a reluctance (as stated above) to not appreciate this concept. Of course at a professional level, group based collaborative projects are devised to see an outcome that could not be achieved by individuals working in singularity, and so it is about the product, and not so much the “working experience”. I think this point is largely overlooked by students who participate in group work, especially ones in which individuals are working out of their specialist areas, or with people whom they do not necessarily get on with very well.

Also, a vital aspect which is essential is the reflection process; being able to look back at the experience and see what happened, and how and why it did. This can then be understood, evaluated and taken as experience rather than a project that is completed and then migrated on from.

Brief Project Introduction

Therefore my project here in some way will look to put forth the importance of group work, the notions of the experience and how it can be extremely helpful as a skill to develop. I will be targeting this towards 16-21 year old college/undergraduate students as I feel this is a refined group who could benefit from the material I propose. Due to the reasons above (and more that I will follow up with) I would argue that there is a relevance and requirement for something like this to highlight the importance of group work.