Yesterday I had my second lesson/tutorial with Alan and we went over where I am in this project. I identified that I was happy with my research and the motive behind my idea and that I feel like there is a requirement for something that emphasizes on the reflection on team working processes.

We discussed the medium for which my project would be delivered and I talked about how I think it would be appropriate in a slideshow/power point formats. I think this because it is easily accessible and intuitive medium that could easily be received. Furthermore it would be created in mind to be viewed on a mobile or tablet device as this is obviously very common with my target audience and it is intended to be viewed in a brisk quite quick manner. I would argue that this is because after the groups project is finished, individuals lose (very quickly) interest in that project and so it is unlikely they will be willing to give a considerable amount of time towards reflection. Therefore a presentation that is easily accessible and requires not much from its audience is much more likely to be more successful.

Alan introduced the potential idea of making it is a webpage so there could be elements of interactivity which would allow me to establish the kind of working experience that individual had and then based on that they could see different content that was more applicable to them. This could certainly be beneficial over a slideshow in many ways and it is something I will consider.

Alan also showed me the gunning fog index (above) – a tool to determine the readability of text. This was something I had never come across before and I can see how it could be very useful, especially at the time and ease it costs. I have considered the use of language I use in accordance to my audience but that has always been by my own personal judgement, so to have a tool to help me with this is extremely beneficial and it means that I can create my project better suited to my audience which is essential. It is stated that an index score of 12 is required for 18 year old students whilst texts for a wide audience generally need a score of less than 12.

As a quick experiment I may as well see the index score for this post…

My Fox Index

My Fox Index

The last thing we also discussed was the difference between a team and a group and what I thought the differences were. Admittedly I knew they may differ slightly in their definition but I have never really looked into this and I feel it would be beneficial to know so I will write a short post covering this soon!