As I mentioned in my previous post (18/02/15) I was looking at doing my project in the form of either a slideshow/PowerPoint or an interactive website. Despite the websites opportunities that would allow the users experience to be more personal and applicable to their own situations, I have decided against this option.

I have decided to make a slideshow because I think that it is more accessible and easier to use. As previously mentioned, This piece is intended to be quick to use and require little effort from the user. I want to propose information and ideas to the user and for that to make them think about the content. So I feel that by making them make interactive decisions, this could take away their attention from the main feature of what it is I’m trying to achieve.

Also I feel the decision to make it suitable for mobile and tablet use will be effective as my target audience are very prominent with their use on these devices so again, it is more likely to reach their attention.

Now I have decided on this I will begin the designing process and plan the different elements of the user experience. I have previously done something similar with a slideshow and so that is good experience for this task. However that was more of an informative slideshow whereas this is requiring more from the user and so my design choices will have a bigger impact upon the success of the project.