Today was the first lesson of my final assignment for media literacies; the negotiated project. This will last 8 weeks and gives me the opportunity to create a piece of work that allows me to develop the skills I learnt in the previous 5 small assignments.

I have identified that subject wise I will look at the same topic that I will be focusing on for my major study next semester. This is because this gives me the chance to collate a lot of material and produce work that is thorough and detailed in its research and this will give my work a much higher standard of authority. Furthermore it allows me to research into an area that will benefit the rest of my study and it is the area of my discipline that I am most interested in and I would also strongly argue that it is extremely current and at the forefront of Screen Cultures.

The subject of this project then shall center around the Internet as a medium to be utilised for learning; as a portal for information retrieval and autonomy in self teaching. For my own interest this is very appealing as I think it is a very important issue, one that is very current and applicable to a wide audience. I think that the Internet as a learning tool offers vast opportunities that no other medium can match and it provides opportunities that are far superior to any medium that it precedes.  Yes there are multiple criticisms of this belief but I think that it is a platform which if utilised correctly, has the potential to be extremely beneficial in developing collective intelligence. This project will give me the opportunity to explore these issues and to consider both the opportunities and limitations of my argument in great detail, which is something I have been able to do in the last projects but I have been quite limited due to their weighing on the module.

Out of the five previous projects on this module I found creating a podcast to be most enjoyable and rewarding, and so what will I be making. A podcast! It was the first time I did so and I felt that I made a very good attempt and my finished piece was successful based on my original intentions. However I felt that there were a few things that could have been easily avoided and also I think that from researching I can really learn a lot of skills that will improve my ability to produce effective podcasts.

Obviously my time spent on this module will be split between content research and developing my current knowledge and learning new skills in an effort of producing podcasts. So, my content research will be split alongside another module whilst the rest of the time will be watching tutorials and practicing with sound recording and editing. As this module is concerned with practice, I am more interested in ensuring that at the end of the assignment I have a much higher ability in creating effective podcasts.

Over the next few posts I will look into podcasting as a medium and consider its importance and current relevance. I will also post my first podcast and make some short notes on its strengths and weaknesses as I think assessing this will be of great benefit. I will then be posting on content research before making a time plan and project proposal followed by tutorials and experimentation with the creative process.