Below are the 12 images of my slides which are now complete. Although I said in my last post I would change the background images to that of students I decided against this. This is because images of students were quite noisy and unlike the ones I chose they did not have a lot of blank space. Therefore there was too much going on in the slide and it did not have a subtle effect like I wanted but rather it drew negative attention to itself.

Also, I felt that it would be more representational of my target audience but I still feel that using images of a professional scene is effective as it is within the theme and also because it gives the slides a high level of quality and authority which will encourage attention.

Figure 1. Final 12 slides.

Figure 1. Final 12 slides.

2 Purpose 3 Characteristics 4 Think 5 Purpose 6 Conflict 7 Leadership 8 Planning of tasks 9 strengths and weaknesses 10 Quote 11 Recap 12 End

I have exported my Slides as a PowerPoint file to be used on a tablet or mobile device. I have also exported the slideshow as an XPS file for ease of use so if it is to be viewed on a PC, PowerPoint is not required. This is something that allows it to reach a bigger audience as there will be no required programs.