Yesterday I had my second lesson for this project with Alan and we spoke about where I currently am and what I have established. I talked through the plan of my work schedule and what I have left to do until this hand in and we agreed that I was making good progress with this project. So far I have initiated a thorough look into content research and I think I have made a strong start with this. Also I think my notes on research for my Typo Text have been helpful in providing me with ideas but also they have really helped me grapple with the idea of probes and their effectiveness.

We spent half the lesson discussing content and Alan introduced Greenfield who is a, and suggested looking at her work would be very beneficial to my study as well as Henry Jenkins and the concept of convergence and participatory culture. The first Image of my notes from our lesson depict the work Alan has suggested for me to research; with some already done and some yet to be looked at.

Figure 1. Notes from yesterday's lesson.

Figure 1. Notes from yesterday’s lesson.

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The second part of the lesson was spent talking about the ideas for my Typo Text which I stated I had decided on playing cards as a physical format in the style of Coupland/ McLuhan’s probes. I have a few developments on this idea and Alan made some very good suggestions about this that I will discuss in another post. I will not really elaborate on this idea as I think it is best to leave it to the post where I can talk about my idea in depth.

Time wise I think I am a third of the way through this assignment and so I have made a rough plan of what I need to do to help me stay organised and to ensure I can develop my project as much as possible with my time so I am in a good position for my major study next semester.

Working Plan

  • Typo Text Medium Idea/s and discussion
  • Content research, looking at Susan Greenfield in particular.
  • Continued development of research based off of the plan I had early made which outlines 3 main arguments.
  • Planning and Development of my Assignment (Project Proposal) – outline each element to include
  • Experimentation of Typo Texts for the Project Proposal

The above plan is quite vague but for me, it of course makes perfect sense and it gives me a good overview of what I have to do and how much time I have left to do it in.

I would say at the moment with this project it seems as though there is a very big cross over with what will be the research for my major study. Of course this is intended, but at the minute I project that I will start producing my assignment 2 weeks prior to the deadline. The proposal’s success is ultimately based on how well I have developed my research and ideas and so spending two thirds of my time doing this I feel is appropriate. Also, the more research I complete, the stronger and more informed my major study project will become.