Today I got my schedule for next semester when I will being my major study project. So I decided it would be good at this point to create a mapping of how my time will be spent to illustrate how much time I will need for each aspect of my project. Figure 1 shows my initial working out of how my time will be allocated and Figure 2 represents this is a gantt chart format. This is very beneficial to me as I can see what needs to be done in a specific order and the time frame I have to do it within. Also It is required for my project proposal to show that my project is feasible in terms of my time management and for me to prove how I can fit in the required hours that are satisfactory of a 60 credit module.

Figure 1. Initial mapping of my time management for my major study

Figure 1. Initial mapping of my time management for my major study

Figure 2. Gannt Chart of proposed time management

Figure 2. Gannt Chart of proposed time management (click on link for further detail)

The lessons and symposiums are accurate to their assigned weeks however the tutorials which I will have with Alan are hypothetical in their weeks allocation. I have proposed that I will have one roughly every two weeks but of course these will be arranged on much shorter notice but the chart still illustrates the time I will spend with my tutor well enough for the purpose of working out my time management.

Despite 15 weeks, two of those are half weeks and the time from start (03/06/15) to finish (09/09/15) is actually 14 full weeks. Therefore I have totaled up 560 hours across my time schedule which divided by 14 weeks equals 40 hours per week. This is the right amount of hours that should be spent per week on a 60 credit module over one semester and so I am very confident I have the right balance of time. As the graph shows, some weeks are less and some are more than 40 and this is something that is to be expected with a big project and something that is to a degree unavoidable.

I have purposely given myself less hours on weeks 13 and 14 to allow for contingency’s such as final amendments in my blog/documentation or on my final pieces.

I would like to bring attention to the fact that the hours reduce from 7 to 3 per week for the documentation process. This is because I will have less to report when I complete my research and begin the production phase of my work as most of it is written. Therefore I will have mostly short entries on how the writing is developing.

Also, from week four to ten I have allocated myself 3 hours per week to spend time working on design ideas for my Typo Text. This is a very short time but I feel this is the area which I have least experience in and it would be very beneficial to be able to slowly develop and build up my ideas alongside carrying out my primary content research. Furthermore I think I will end up with a much stronger outcome as it will give me time to reflect and improve upon my ideas over a considerable amount of time.

Another aspect that is important to highlight is that both the Journalistic writing piece and the Typo Text are equal in their weighing for my project. However, as shown I have allocated less time to the writing; this is because I am much more proficient in this area and also because the 1st writing piece will benefit me in certain areas for the second one.

The Typo Text design planning and experimentation is the research part to my third piece and this includes developing skills in illustrator and my visual designs. This is complimentary to the content research I will be carrying out but of course in this instance, the planning and experimentation is only applicable to the Typo Text.

I think this chart is very detailed in exactly how I will spend my time on this project and I believe it is a feasible proposal of my time that will allow me to achieve my intentions for this project.