I am now at the stage where I feel I have gathered a lot of material for research and inspiration, both content wise and for my third outcome (Typo Text cards) and so I will now begin to develop the artefact that is required for submission. This is a formal project proposal document that will outline exactly what I am doing for my major project next semester as well as the details and implications that regard this. Below I have listed each of the sections I will need to include in my proposal.


Title (working)

My name

My topic – an overview

Inspirations/ key individuals

Relevance in relation to Screen Cultures and its currency

Statement of intent (a description of the three outcomes with similar examples)

Experimentation/ visual examples of Typo Text/ cards

Scope of enquiry

My methodology

Study Plan and feasibility



Current development and new learning

Achieving professionalism

Project documentation


“Breaking the Ground Enquiry – through to end of Semester B

 This is work which ‘breaks the ground’ for the Semester C Project. It is an initial scoping of an area of interest in which the Project will be placed and an investigation that supports the clearer definition of the Project itself. That area of interest has to fall within the sphere of Screen Cultures as a cultural and as an academic activity and should have a measure of topicality, or relevance to current debate.

The outcome is some form of report on

  • the feasibility of the project in terms of logistics – time management, resource needs, current skills and new learning
  • its scope – existing literature or other materials, primary and secondary sources and materials
  • its relevance – showing how it falls within Screen Cultures and the debate(s) it addresses or provokes
  • a prospect of outcomes – audience, venue, delivery, form, format, along with some test or prototype materials illustrating the intended or expected outcomes”

The above extract is taken from the assignment brief for this project. I think through my blog I have demonstrated a strong approach to what has been asked for in that first paragraph. Through my intended project proposal (above) I think I have initiated an effective response for what is being asked in the second paragraph regarding the outcome as I will have included all of what it suggests.

Therefore I feel that outlining the above information will be more than sufficient in giving an effective proposal for what it is I want to do. Some of them have already been done effectively, such as the overview of my work, the Relevance, key individuals etc… Whereas some will require more work, most notably producing visual experimentation of my Typo Text. So from this list I can now progress with my work and start producing this document by writing up each section before implementing it into the document. My future posts will display visual aid in reference to how these tasks are coming along.