Below is my official project proposal which firmly outlines my inspirations and intentions for this work.

Project Proposal

Statement of intent:

For this project I will be looking content wise at the same issues as for my major project. I intend to make a series of 3/4 podcast and so I feel my time will be spent for the majority learning the practical elements of producing this. I previously enjoyed making a podcast before but I felt there was a lot of improvements I could have made therefore I want to use this opportunity to achieve a much higher quality outcome. I will use much of the research for content from my other module (Practice 2) that is preparing me for my final project. I feel as this is my only module that is based primarily on using software applications, it is important for me to allocate most of that time in enhancing my skills as opposed to research.

Also, for my final project I am producing three outcomes all of which are in a different format/medium that are based on the same topic, but that express my arguments in different ways and appeal to different audiences. So for example, an academic piece of writing, a journalistic article and an interactive/illustrative piece. Therefore by making a podcast I can create a 4th medium and this will allow me to really develop my skills in being able to produce an outcome on a different medium that serves a different purpose, albeit at the same time still puts forth the same ideas.

Furthermore, I would say that my practical skills with using software applications is far less developed than my ability to research and so I feel this assignment would be a great opportunity to really enhance my abilities in this area.

So I propose that I will spend 1/3 of my time in research – this encompasses the research I will be conducting for (Practice 2) and 2/3’s of my time developing and learning skills to better enhance my ability to create a podcast. I feel this way that I will end up doing additional research which will help towards my final project which is very beneficial too and because the subject matter is linked it allows me greater time to focus on the practical aspect.


Idea/ Content:

The message I would like to put forward is that the internet is a medium that encompasses a great level of democracy and with that notion there will always be a high risk of negative behaviour. However the internet provides us with a platform that facilitates the ability for us to be able to develop our knowledge and understanding, far more so any other platform it has preceded. Furthermore it is essential to understand that it is wrong and naïve to blame the medium for negative behaviour when it is the individual’s actions that ultimately decide the outcome of their learning and participation.

Below are 3 headings which will form the main argument of my podcasts and the points below exemplify the content of each argument.

Reliability issues of online content

  • The authority and trustworthiness of information.
  • The ability to look for credible information and skill to decipher what is relevant and reliable.
  • The democracy and widespread of blogs and wiki’s.
  • The role of Social Media in altering the channel of distribution of content.

The practice of searching for information and reading texts.

  • The surge of video tutorials and entertainment platforms such as YouTube as a learning environment.
  • The changing habits of intercepting information, from chronologically reading a book to skipping between links.
  • Participatory culture and its effect on creativity, self-learning and autonomy.
  • The effects of having immediate access to a huge wealth of information.

The change from a physical to a digital medium.

  • The change in format, from typically written work to multimedia.
  • The physical vs virtual security of content (a book is constant, a webpage can become unavailable and is forever gone).
  • The implications of developing our knowledge and collective intelligence and how effectively we are achieving this.

I plan to create a podcast of each section to be played in random order with a first and last podcast that introduce and conclude my arguments. They are created for intent to be used as a shuffle play so the ideas can be digested singularly but they work in unison by complementing each other. However I do feel that this takes away from the natural and free flowing shuffle aspect, but at the same time it is essential to give the viewer context and a conclusive ending.


I have now finished my research, looked at inspirations for narrative structure and identified the relevance and currency of my topic within my field of study. I shall now begin over the next few weeks constantly looking for tutorials that will help aid to develop my skills in podcast production. Alongside this I shall now begin writing my script/notes ready for recording as well as searching for existing material (interviews, conferences sound effects, music etc…) that will be used in my podcasts. These lats two tasks should be done simultaneously so I can see how they will merge together as I may feel it appropriate to draw upon what others have said to make it fit well into the podcasts.