Today I had my last lesson with Alan before my submission in 1 week. This is my first post in over a week as I gave myself time off for the Easter break to be able to reflect on where my project currently is. This has been helpful for me to see how I have developed over the course of the module, which is something I need to write about in my last blog post which is also part of my submission.

Looking back on the second part of the module I am very content with the work I have produced and I feel my extensive research and development of ideas has put my in a strong position to start my final project next semester. As I have outlined very clearly what I will be doing, including the areas of concern my work breaks down to, I can begin further research into these areas and bring all of my finding together very efficiently.

So, I have a week before submission and I have the following tasks to complete:

  • 1000 word reflective blog post
  • Typo Text design development and creation
  • Complete project proposal

I have begun working on my project proposal and at this point it is pretty much complete bar a few aspects. When this is complete I shall upload the document to the blog before my final 1000 word reflective post.

The biggest proportion of the remaining tasks is creating examples of my Typo Text to go in my proposal that will allow me to demonstrate what it is I will be producing. I have been making some rough drawings and designs for cards and Alan suggested that I show the progression of design to show how my ideas are developing. So my next post shall show my final Typo Text card designs for my proposal as well as my designs.