Figure 1. Typo text mock up drawings Storyboard 60002 Storyboard 60003 Storyboard 60004 Storyboard 60005 Storyboard 60006 Storyboard 60007

Above are the initial drawings for my Typo text designs. Obviously I have three sections which will be represented through illustrations. In the instances above I have just focused on the argument that Carr discusses regarding the depth of information we receive.

The first 3 images are my first rough ideas with the following 4 images showing a more refined version of each. In the 4th image I have tried to represent how books might seem transparent in comparison to Internet which could be classed as obtrusive. However I have tried to put across the notion that despite this the Internet provides greater opportunity for the depth of information that CAN be explored.

The fourth Image (drawing on the left) is portraying the idea that we are only engaging with a limited breadth of content. I have shown my logo for my project from my proposal which is a brain, with half of the image missing  to depict this idea.

In the next few images my drawings show a 2d and flat Internet logo and very thick and 3 dimensional books to suggest that with book reading we tend to develop a more defined and deeper interaction. This obviously opposes with the first of my ideas but I plan to include both. It should be noted that these drawings depict Ideas which are quite bold in some aspects but it is essential to do this I believe to provoke thought. These cards are not me saying this is it, but rather here is an idea, its bold, very opinionated; what do you think?

I think by doing this it will be more likely to stimulate greater thought and appreciation for the topic. If I was to merely put forth some ideas without authority or directness, I don’t think it would be as hard hitting and provoking and it would not ‘probe’ with the same effect.

My last design represents the amount of encyclopedias it would require to fill Wikipedia’s content (only including English language), and gives context to the size by comparing the amount of books to a human. The purpose of this design is to highlight the sheer amount of information on just one website, and to compare this with its physical equal. I think it is very intriguing and it certainly emphases on this idea that the Internet provides us with an abundance of information and at a great level of convenience.

I am happy with the initial designs I have started to develop and I think they can be very effective in putting forth my ideas. I have tried to be quite minimalistic with words to avoid noise however I think in some instances, especially with the last one, I need to make improvements. None the less, these initial drawings are very helpful in showing how my ideas are progressing and also will allow me to continue improving the design aspects through to when I begin the project next semester.