Today I had my sign off tutorial where my project was given authorisation to go ahead. The first link above is to my planning folder that was handed in today and the second link is my project prospectus which outlines the studies intentions in full detail.

At this point I am at the beginning of the module, however my project has already began in some respects from my previous assignment last semester. My project is already very defined and I have started research, although at this point I have only touched on the surface of where I intend to go. Therefore I will use this post to identify what tasks I need to undertake next and also illustrate what time I have available through a gantt chart and daily schedule plan. Doing this will allow me to see what tasks I have to complete by which date. So I can see if I am ahead or behind schedule and avoid being too rushed to complete certain tasks.

Both charts (shown below) are very useful to me; the gantt chart giving me a convenient overview of task and time whilst the daily schedule informs me of what it is I should be doing each day and where I should be at each week.

Gantt chart pdf

Daily Plan pdf

Figure 1. Gantt chart

Figure 1. Gantt chart

Figure 2. Daily schedule

Figure 2. Daily schedule

Daily Plan colour_Page_2 Daily Plan colour_Page_3

I have decided to podcast on a Tuesday as I class this as the end of my working week given that lessons take place on Wednesday’s. During the podcasts I will address the following questions:

– Is the project on schedule according to the daily plan?

– If no, what slowed it down (if applicable)?

– What have I found out that has been valuable to the project?

– In what aspect has the project gone well and why?

– What has not gone as well and how can I tackle this next week to catch back up?

– Has the project deviated in its research in any way because of new learning?

Answering these questions will allow me to evaluate my short term work and this method gives me a platform to keep a constant update on how my project is progressing and also for me to show this in my development.

I have stated that I will blog on a Thursday and Sunday (as well as the podcast blog) and I feel as a minimum this is sufficient. of course there will be instances where I blog more often based on whether I have material to show. Twice a week I think is enough for me to illustrate how my work is going and ensures I don’t spend too much time focusing on documentation as opposed to research. Obviously I appreciate this is essential to track progress of my project and to show how it is developing but I feel I have the right balance by a minimum of two fixed posts a week.

The following tasks are what I shall be covering next in my posts:

– Establish my project concept and deliverables

– Consolidate current research and identify what I need to be looking for

– Continue Research

– Contact schools for interviews and begin drafting interview questions as well as complete ethics form. I have identified on my schedule to have completed and sent ethics on or around the 24th June so that I can interview on/around the 9th Juky. Therefore I need to begin immediately with this task.

This week I will blog more than twice as I have more to cover since it is the beginning of the module.