ArtworkIn his book, The Shallows (2010) Nicholas Carr argues that the Internet is having detrimental effects on our mind and our ability to think, learn, understand and Intercept and process information. He claims that for many, this feeling extends to when we are away from the computer; it has changed our cognitive behaviour even away from the screen. Carr believes that profound use of the Internet has reprogrammed the way our brain works. He continues to argue that the net is chipping away at our capacity to concentrate and excogitate; he explains that he is now accustomed to receive and understand information in the way the net distributes it in a quick moving, skimming nature, and consuming small parts of relevant information.

Carr outlines the harsh reality of our relationship with technology and the progression from paper to screen and the implications that follow. Ultimately he believes that we are merely skimming the surface of information without truly delving in depth like we have done with paper format.

Based on this notion, my project will put forward innovative ideas that develop Carr’s theory and explain the implications of using the Internet as a tool for learning. In response to The Shallows my project will discuss the reliability issues of online content, the practice of searching for and reading information and the change from a physical to a digital medium to argue that despite the negative implications, the Internet is a medium stood to be by far the most effective tool for information retrieval. Ultimately the Internet allows us as a society to dramatically develop our information literacy and learning but fundamentally, our ability, knowledge, skills and interaction are failing to capitalise on the possibilities that this medium facilitates.


My Project will deliver three outcomes:
• A 7500 word academic article
• A 2000 word journalistic article
• A Typo Text consisting of a set of illustrative playing cards.

These outcomes will all draw on the same themes and arguments that are developed through my research but each will represent the ideas through different methods. Each outcome compliments each other whilst at the same time, appeals to different audiences. Therefore the reason behind this is to explore different ways to put forward ideas through both text and image that will typically be viewed in different ways. So it can be said that whilst the main inspiration of this project is the concept surrounding the Internet as a tool for learning, there is also on emphasis on producing material that draws on the same ideas but is appropriate for different audiences and platforms and that seeks to address the issues in different ways. Arguably each of the three has its own advantages that the others cannot achieve and therefore each of these outcomes serves a valuable purpose in putting forth my arguments.