This is just a short post for me to track my current progress and where I am. Overall I am behind where I would like to be at this point. I have researched as much as I intended. However I still have enough time and I have also completed other tasks which have been very important to the ongoing development of my project.

In just over a week I have my second symposium which will require a day to plan for and make a presentation. The symposium is about the project at the forefront and the below extract is taken from the module schedule.

“How is your work ‘at or near the forefront’ in your field? How do you know? How do you map the forefront?”

I will probably be planning for this later this week and so it is good for me to just be thinking about these questions over the next few days. I have covered aspects of currency and how my project is at the forefront of my field in this module and Practice 2 so I have a good foundation for the symposium. However I would like to cover this in more depth and obviously my project has progressed a lot since then so I will have more to discuss.

Moving on to a different topic, I have not heard back from the schools that I emailed regarding interviewing their head teachers. I am aware that this time of year is busy for schools so that does make my request difficult and also I only emailed two schools so I was limiting my selection. Over the next couple of days I shall email more schools and see what happens with that.

Recently I have looked into the style guides for academic papers and journalistic articles which I think I did very well and identified the direction I need to be heading in. This knowledge isn’t needed until after I finish my content research but I think it is beneficial to find out this information early so I am aware of it and I can think over it. I also have taken time to consider how to handle and process my research by considering its value to my project. This was developed for the symposium and it help when I research as I can make decisions about material that allows me to be using content which is of the up-most value to my study.

So now I need to continue my content research and begin building my notes and arguments ready to start writing my academic paper.