Prior to my tutorial with Alan this week I emailed a progress report ready to discuss. Some of this content is below. I have included it in this post as un update as to where I am with everything on the project and where I’m headed.
* I looked at an article which discussed a web application called ‘Flipword’ which automatically translates basic words in to a different language on whichever web page you are browsing. This was very useful to my research as the tool can be considered a practice of passive learning. The way that a language is learnt is embedded in our continuous activity online. Other language tools require you to make conscious effort to go to their site and interact with the learning material. For a lot (probably most) this becomes tedious and can grow old quickly. It is not to say it isn’t effective, but it is forced if the individual isn’t fully committed. Whereas Flipword runs in the background and works in a way that is more natural to its users. I don’t necessarily think the idea could work in helping people learn much past common phrases, but it is more about the passive nature of the application that was of interest to me.

* Planned for the symposium – what I took most from that activity was the currency chart which I reworked from your drawing. I also talked about the canon of my field/ study which you introduced me to in our tutorial. That was the first time I had come across that term and it was helpful to me, both in the symposium and for my study.

* Looked through style and formatting guides for academic papers and journalistic articles. Decided on MLA format and so I will ensure the guides I find are reliable by triangulation. Found a lot of useful material on journalistic articles too and fog indexed a selection of existing articles. Results returned between 11.5 and 13.5. Using 13 as the figure to be highest for universal and generic reading I decided that I will (try to) ensure mine is no higher.

* As you suggested about having a title for my paper I realized that I need a title/name for each 3 outcomes. I have the name for the project – ‘Open Mind’. I think this works well. It concerns the wide issue of online learning, it is ambiguous but I believe it draws interest and it is effective in establishing coherence in the whole project and its 3 outcomes. I think the title for the cards needs to somehow try and inform the audience of what it is. I don’t know quiet how to achieve this yet but I think that ‘Typo Text’ needs more. An academic paper, a journalistic article, they are self explanatory but people will not understand what Typo Text entails and that is a problem. Also, in terms of titling the paper and article, I’m not able to do this until I have refined the direction of my study more (see below).

What I plan to do next is:

* Discuss this article which I think is an interesting read –

* Plan for symposium next week (It’s on currency and the forefront of my practice). I have covered a bit of this in this module and Practice 2 so that is good, I have more to add to it and will look to find more if I need to, but it’s good to have a strong foundation for the symposium already.

Some thoughts:

* I’m at a bit of a blank space in terms of continuing with research however. I fully agree with you that at the moment my focus is too wide and not refined enough. This makes it hard for me to visualize the outcomes of my work and to really think about it in detail and I am at the point where I really need to be doing this.

2nd Tutorial


Tutorial notes

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Today I had my second tutorial (notes above) with Alan where we reflected on my progress report and identified where I am and what needs to be done next. The focus was on the academic paper as this will be my first task. This will include in all detail everything I have on this subject. Therefore when I come to write the academic article I can asses what is best to include based on my paper. Then finally I can consolidate every idea and argument I have put forward and begin designing my typo text cards.

We went back to my initial inspiration for the project which began with the Nicholas Carr and The Shallows and talked about how my project initially began and what my interests with this were. From there we discussed Vannevar Bush’s paper, ‘As we may think’ through to Nelson’s ideas and onto the materilisation of the world wide web and back to the point where Carr discusses. This forms into a very strong set of ideas about the context of what my paper will be about, followed by an introduction of the change from paper to screen technologies and how with the internet at the hub, our reading and information retrieve habits have been reformed, or arguably, reformed us.

I agreed to meet Alan again in two weeks for another tutorial and in the meantime email him a draft of my paper. At this point I now need to organise my existing research and finalise a detailed plan and then I can begin writing my paper.