This post will be an update to just illustrate where I am in terms of writing my paper. At this point I have wrote the introduction and the background which accounts for 2400 words, so a third of the way through. This extract can be found in the document below.

1st draft of Paper

The background is split up into 2 parts (which I will discuss shortly) and because I had planned quite well I found that I was able to write this initial section quite efficiently. I started off with this quote from Carr,

“We seem to have arrived, as McLuhan said we would, at an important juncture in our intellectual and cultural history, a moment of transition between two very different modes of thinking.” (Carr 2010: 18).

My paper discusses the account that Carr gives regarding his experience of how he is responding differently to reading on the Internet as opposed to books; essentially he is talking about the change in mediums and this is something which is fundamental to my argument. Therefore opening the paper with this statement instantly establishes this ‘change of thinking’ that is very important for readers to understand.

Also, I felt that the background was a very important section to allow the reader to understand the meaning of what I am discussing and by talking about Bush I was able to explain in detail the historical context, and also the need and relevance to discuss this subject. I talked about the journey from Bush’s Memex through to the world wide web in order to show how we have got to where we are in reference to what Carr discusses. This helps understand what Carr was arguing by making sense of the way we think and process information.

The second part of the background was talking about our shift from paper to screen technologies and making example of the 1st section (above). I think that by stating we are in the middle of a transition between two different modes of thinking and explaining the influence this has on our ability to learn through the Internet follows up very effectively for the body of my paper which will I will be starting next.

*** Notes ***

Aside from starting my paper I also looked through the brief to famiarise myself with the Items that had to be handed in. I am very aware that I need to produce three linked elements; My project, documentation recording the process, an evaluative presentation and a completed LOM. It was the exact requirements of the blog which I was not familiar with. Although now I have looked I know that I need to produce the following:

  • 10 examples of material that is on at the forefront of my study that relates to my project.
  • 5 examples of where I have shown that I can effectively manage my time.
  • A 500 word post on creative decision making.
  • A 500 word post on new learning.

Obviously the last 2 will be something I do after finishing my project artefacts. The first 2 though I know I have already shown examples of throughout the blog. I just need to see how much I already have and then I can figure out what is left for me to do. I will tag the posts and also put in separate sub categories to make it easier to find these items.