I have now finished the 1st draft of my paper (document below). I have wrote 7200 words so I still have room to redraft yet and as I said I wanted to, I have left this to ensure I didn’t have to cut out too much of what I already have. I think that I have provided a well supported argument to put my point across and I have concluded effectively by summarizing what I found but I do think there are points where the writing does not flow that well and some things are awkward to read. Therefore this is something I will address when redrafting. Also at this point I have not proof read for errors or wrote in MLA format. This is because I will go over it with Alan for guidance and so I expect to change aspects of this based on his advice. Therefore it makes sense to edit the content before ensuring all mistakes are addressed and the paper is in the correct format. This way I only need to do this once and I can ensure it is all done at the same time.

I planned to carry out interviews at a primary and secondary school with the headteachers to find out about the way the Internet is implemented in the students’ learning experience. However I still have not yet received ethics clearance and so unfortunately by the time I do and then carry out the interviews and process the results this will be very late on in the assignment. Therefore I have decided to not follow through with this option and instead I have planned my paper in a way where new research I found replaced this elementĀ  in a suitable way.

1st draft of Paper (finished)

*** Notes ***

Aside from finishing the 1st draft of my my paper I also decided that I want to begin planning for my presentations soon. I know it is soon but I feel that begining this stage will allow me more time to practice to ensure I am prepare. This aspect will not take up much time until a couple of weeks when I dedicate mor etime to the task but I think the extra two weeks will put me in a good position further down the line. At this point I am writing which is something I am strong at and can produce in good time because of prior experience. However when I come to making my Typo Text cards I feel this could be difficult because of my inexperience with Illustrator. Therefore getting a start on my presentation soon will ease that pressure slightly. Obviously my slides and script will change as I get closer to finishing but the core structure will remain the same (or very similar).

I also have thought about getting the Typo Text cards printed and unless I have planned in advance then I think I will have issues getting them printed in time. So I need to begin researching companies who print cards with custom designs and get in contact with them to enquire about price, how long it takes, product, quality and file types. This is something I will discuss with Alan in our next tutorial this coming Wednesday (05/08/15) as he may well have a better understanding and be able to give me advice for a starting point.

Now I have finished my Paper I plan to begin my article and so I will plan this base don elements of what has been discussed in the paper. I will also look through the guides I found to familarise myself with style guides for journalistic writing.

And lastly, as stated above, I would like to make a start on my presentation soon.