I began brainstorming ideas for my card designs by reading through my paper and highlighting key figures, ideas, arguments and quotes and to look at what I wanted to try and visually depict. I also then looked online at images which were associated with these findings and created a mood board (below) which helped inspire the initial designs for my cards. This was quick and easy to make; its very rough but I think it is a very good idea and made great use of my time because of the ideas that developed from it.

Figure 1. Mood BoardI also looked back at my posts from Practice 2 where I analysed similar work to mine in Marshall McLuhan and Douglas Coupland and used this work to help with my ideas. Below are 6 sheets which have a total of 60 card designs on them. Obviously I only have 52 cards, therefore I need to re draft and edit these designs into final drawings and decide what I will and won’t use.


Figure 2. Initial card designs