I have now finalised in detail the designs for my 52 playing cards which are shown below. The drawings are in just black and white to represent the design as there will be colour.

Figure 1. Final designs TT FINAL 2 TT FINAL 3 TT FINAL 4 TT FINAL 5 TT FINAL 6 TT FINAL 7 TT FINAL 8The cards shown are the exact measurements (88 x 63mm) but the content inside them is not to exact scale, but rather a guide. Hence there are some cases where the card suit and number in the corner is drawn over/on – this will not be the case in the finished product.

The content inside the cards will be one flat colour, either red or black. This is synonymous to playing cards and it is a clean and easy on the eye design which is essential given the content being very ambiguous.

However I have decided that the usual colour association will be switched. So, diamonds and hearts will be black and clubs and spades red. This is a very bold decision to make however these cards are my opportunity to be playful with design and step out of the box and experiment with conventions.

The reason behind this is to represent the colossal transition we are experiencing from two different modes of thinking. Essentially this is the core idea of my project and by reversing the conventions of colour, this somewhat represents this dramatic overhaul of existing ideas that have been set in place for such a long time.

*** Notes ***

I still have to decide on a font type. Also I thought about having a different font for each suit (so 4) but I think this creates unnecessary distraction and will only confuse the users. It will also look much more coherent and have a strong element of synergy throughout the cards if one font remains the same.

Having said this I still need to decide on a font to use as the above discussion applies here too. Therefore before designing the cards on Illustrator I will do some tests by experimenting with different fonts to see which works best.

So, once I do this and speak with Reprographics I will be able to start creating the cards.