Today I spoke to the Reprographics department at uni and talked to them about printing cards. They said they can print on paper and then cut them out. They can also print both sides which means I can have a both sides of the card printed. The card they use is 250 or 350gsm and playing cards are about 300gsm so I will have to go and feel the thickness of each and decide which is appropriate. The only issue is that they can only cut straight lines so I will need to find a way of rounding off each edge of the card. Each playing card measures 63 x 88mm which means that I can fit all 13 cards on the page (A3) and that means I will only need 4 pages. Half of the cards will be designed with just black and half with red and each page (double printed) is £1.08/£1.06 (dependent on gsm) or 32/36p (for black and white). Therefore this is very viable and an extremely cheap option as opposed to having the cards printed. Obviously they aren’t cut to exact shape but this is something I will just have to sort myself.

I spoke with them about setting up bleed marks to enure the cutting would be correct but I need to speak with them in person tomorrow. I produced the Image below to show them exactly what it is I want printed and then they can best advise me on how to set up the file for the preferences they require. As I would need bleed marks on each card (13) I would not be sure how to do this but I managed to apply an offset path to each card and the Ace card on the second image shows this. So I will take this in too to see if this option would work.

Figure 1. Card tests.

Test 1.2*** Notes ***

I also have my last class lecture tomorrow which is concerned with the evaluative process of the project and will cover aspects of the presentation. For that lesson I have to have 2 X 200 words on documenting and evaluating my creative production processes and identifying and evaluating my individual learning processes. I know the brief asks for these to be 500 words on submission so this will be a good start.