This morning I wen’t into reprographics to enquire about having my cards printed. I was advised to use 350 gsm and it felt thick but not to weighty to the degree it would be to difficult to hold. Also the guy I spoke to said they can cut rounded edges which is very helpful. He asked to put each card in a separate file and export as a pdf however he could not advise me on bleed and crop marks. This is not something I have experience with as I have never had to setup a document for print and cut. So I will speak to Alan in my next tutorial this Wednesday (19/08/15) about this and try to find someone in the CA school who could advise me what I need to do. I plan on having the cards finished by then so it would be good for me to get them sent for printing on that Wednesday.

Although each card needs saving separately I will still design them over 4 documents (1 for each suit). This way will be far more efficient and I can see how things link up when the design crosses over cards. Then I can just highlight each card and drag it into a single document. I have 55 cards – 4 x 13 + 1 back design and 2 Joker cards (1 red and 1 black). Although this may take a little time it will be far quicker to do it this way and also easier to keep track on the overall look of the cards.

Despite the fact I am still not aware of how to get these cards setup for print and cutting, I really hope this can still be achieved. I think that handing the cards in as digital files would be very disappointing as I had, and still have very high hopes for the quality of the final outcome.

Although I am unsure of the bleed and crop marks, I wills still start designing in Illustrator. As I am dragging each card over to a new document I can setup the marks easily enough.