As I discussed in my last post, I have decided that since I had changed the order in which I have worked and because I completed the graphic visulisation cards a lot quicker than planned, it would be a good idea  to create new time plans to better represent the tasks I have left to do and the time remaining. This will allow me to asses what time I have to do the remaining work and give me deadlines that are now more realistic and obviously my old plans are now useless given the above facts. At this point I think I have made quite good progress and have a good amount of time left but I also have quite a few small tasks left. Admittedly the biggest parts are finished but it would be very beneficial for me to factor in the smaller tasks in my time plans to give me a working guide.  I will create a new gantt chart which will give me an overview of what I will be doing week by week and then I will create a daily schedule which very precisely outline the work I will be doing each day.

Below are both of the charts.

Gantt chart new.2

Figure 1. Gantt chart

Daily Plan new.2

Figure 2. Daily schedule