Figure 1. Tutorial notes.

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Today I had my 4th and last tutorial with Alan (notes above).

We went through what I have remaining and discussed my project in relation to the forefront and how I should go about evaluating my work in the presentation. 1 aspect of the blog which I have yet to complete is to discuss existing materiel in relation to the forefront. This therefore was something I talked through with Alan and he suggested I look at Susan Greenfield as she has very recent work. He suggested I post an in depth discussion regarding Greenfield’s work in relation to McLuhan and through to Carr to discuss these ideas and how they are at the forefront of my study and form part of a potentially huge social issue which is very important and one that requires coverage and increased awareness.

We both agreed I have made quite good time up to this point and I should aim to have everything done by the 2nd of September. This would leave a week until submission and therefore gives me some contingency time and also allows me to focus solely in that week on preparing for the presentation.

As I mentioned above, we went through what I have remaining and how I should go about completing those tasks. I think rather than discuss the issues we talked over it would be more beneficial, especially so for my own organisatiuon and time management for me to list those remaining tasks to address exactly what I have left.


  • Proof read
  • write abstract
  • Mock up to paper style and print off


  • Write 1st draft
  • Redraft
  • Proof read
  • Mock up to article style and print off

Graphic visualisation cards

  • Test print
  • Export each file to correct requirements
  • Get cards printed
  • buy plastic tuck box for cards (depending on time, I may make a box)


  • Create slides
  • Plan presentation
  • Practise


  • Redraft 2 x evaluative posts on new learning and creative decision making
  • go through previous posts where I analyse/discuss new/current material and talk about how and why it is at the forefront
  • New post on wider forefront issues concerning Greenfield, McLuhan and Carr (mentioned above)
  • Continue generic documentation of tasks


  • Complete LOM


It does seem as though there is a lot left but this is because I have really broken down each task in quite specific detail. In actual fact I have a lot of small tasks left to complete in a very manageable time scale. By breaking it down like this it give same a much more efficient overview of exactly what is left before submission.

We agreed that I would send Alan a draft of my article to look at by the end of next week and so I shall be starting this tomorrow. I would also like to get my slides started (and finished) soon just so I can dedicate a small amount of time each week going over and preparing for the presentation, which is 3 weeks today.

After the tutorial I quickly edited some tests of my cards to get printed. Unfortunately I didn’t get to reprograhics in time before they closed so the printing tests shall have to wait. This is not a big issue as I have time. Below are the 4 test files (2 different variations in the crop marks) that I will get printed. I am very inexperienced with this part of my work and so this will give me a much better idea of what it is going to look like. Also if it does not work out, then I will have a better understanding of how to solve the issue by eliminating tried methods.

print test front 1

print test front 2

print test back 1

print test back 2