So I dropped off all 55 pdf files to reprographics and was there whilst they were printing and cutting. I got 2 sets of cards; 1 to hand in, and 1 to use during the presentation and to keep for myself. The full deck is laid out and shown in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1. Printed playing cards

Unfortunately I noticed that the way the cards have been cut in extremely bad. It appears that upon cutting the rounded edges of the cards, it has completely messed them up and they all have jagged edges. The images below (Figure 2) are close up’s of the cards and you can see what I am referring to. There are only a few cards which do not have these miss cut edges, the images below are just a few selected examples.


Figure 2

20150824_182343 20150824_182400 20150824_182509

I am very disappointed as the cards themselves look very good. The quality of print is very high, and the benefit of using vector graphics over bitmaps is extremely evident. Also, I was worried about the surface of the paper causing friction with each card where they didn’t slide over each other well (like playing cards should). However this is not an issue at all so that is a positive note.

I’m really not happy with the outcome of the cards. It was staff at reprographics that advised that they could cut rounded edges and they showed me examples where this had been done. These were mostly business cards and the finish looked very clean and professional. My cards aren’t even close and its very obvious that they haven’t taken care or time to achieve a clean finish which is disappointing.

I will not hand these in as I’m really not happy as they are. I have put a lot of time and effort into this project and these cards and I feel that at present they don’t represent that and also they will drag the overall quality of my work down. Therefore I will contact reprographics and ask them to print 2 sets again and ensure the finish is as it should be. If they cannot round off the edges without making mistakes I will just have the cards with straight edges. If they will not re print I will just have to get refunded and hand in digitally.

I really want to hand the cards in as a physical outcome and I really hope this can still be done. However I have now spent a day on this task and its very frustrated as it is a day wasted. I will speak with reprographics tomorrow and blog about what I will be doing next.