Today I have come into uni to speak to reprographics and print out some test cards that I made in Illustrator and posted on the blog – (19/08). Figure 1 (below) shows the rough print and cut of a 2 cards showing the one front and the back design. I think the design has printed very well and looks very strong.


Figure 1. Test prints

After talking to the staff at reprographics we discussed the best way to export the documents and they explained some more things to me. This was very helpful as I understood the process on their part which meant I could create the files with these facts in mind. For example, the crop marks are the exact lines that are cut on but the cutting lines are not always 100% accurate. This means that the black edge I had previously could interfere with the cut and the finish would be poor. I can get around this by removing the line, creating the background the same colour as the card, and then adding crop marks on the card itself. This means that the cards will be cut to the exact measurements I need and if there are slight imperfections, they will not be noticeable as opposed to before because there is a constant colour.

However this meant that I had quite a lot of exporting to do and as this was going to be time consuming I thought I would try to put each suit onto one a3 sheet, adjust the background colour, remove the lines and add crop lines to each. Figure 2 (below) shows a print off of these files. Unfortunately the staff at reprographics said this was not the best option and for a clean cut I should create each file individually.


Figure 2. test prints .2

I have now created 55 individual cards (13 for each suit, 2 jokers and the back) that are ready to be printed and cut. Some examples of these are below in Figure 3. Please note that the images are poor quality and quite pixelated as I have just exported the pdfs as Jpegs to make viewing via the blog easier.

Clubs A

Figure 3 Cards setup for print

Diamonds A Hearts A Spades A

Joker 1 Joker 2