In previous posts and on my time planning charts, I said that I wanted to begin planning the presentation early. Well that did not happen. In actual fact, it began 3 days ago where I started making notes. Today I refined those notes and made my slideshow.

When I decided it would be a good idea to plan early, this was because I was going to try to ‘remember what I had planned (in detail) what to say’. I would usually write a script and practise it. Therefore writing a script for 15 minutes would take a while to remember. Ultimately though, this is bad practice. It is better to speak off my head, and I feel that I know my project very well and that I will be able to discuss the project with more fluidity. Also, it is a better skill to develop by doing it this way. Because of this I decided that I needed less time. From today I have 2 weeks which I think is enough to practise what it is I will talk about and refine in my head what needs to be discussed.

I have gone through the brief and created my presentation based on what I can see it asks me to demonstrate. So I will introduce my project, the inspirations behind it, what angle I took and talk about what I actually produced. However most of the discussion will be an evaluative reflection on my research, new learning and problem solving and decision making. Anyway, the slideshow is below.


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