This is my first post in almost a week; this is because I have been completing the various tasks I have left and so I have just been getting on with these. I have now finished and redrafted my final blog posts on creative decision making and new learning as well as my  Learning Outcomes Matrix (LOM) which are below. As well as this I have also spent a considerable amount of time practicing for my presentation and making notes.

Creative Decision Making

New Learning


I have also been speaking with reprograhics as there has been problems with printing my cards. They cannot seem to align them properly so they have asked me to resend them the cards. I did this Friday and I will speak with them asap to see what is going on with that.

The main thing I have completed this week was the 1st draft of my journalistic article (below). This is a very rough draft and I still need to make a lot of improvements. After editing and proof reading I need to check the fog index and continue to edit until it is at a satisfactory point. Lastly, I need to format the text into the style of an article and then have it (along with my paper) printed off at reprographics.

1st draft of Article