Today I have been redrafting and proof reading my article which is below. I have a natural tendency to write in a more analytical style because of the previous work I have done. Therefore, I needed to edit the language and the structure of the article to make it more suitable for a journalistic style. The word count is 1800 (200 short of my initial plan) and this is because I needed to fit it on an a3 sheet to be laid out in the style of an article. Therefore I was quite limited with space but I do not see that 200 words less is at all a problem. The 2nd draft of my paper is below.

2nd draft of Article

I also designed the journal in Illustrator and the final outcome is below. Please note that the image is pixelated as it is a jpeg and is just there to easier illustrate the look of the work. The pdf is also linked.



Other than printing and uploading a few things to the blog (which are already done) I have finished all of my work. I have a week left and so I am at the point where I planned to be and have 1 week left before hand in for contingency. I will read over my work in both the blog and the outcomes and look to see if I can make any improvements. Although most of the week will be spent practicing for the presentation and finalsing the printing of my work.