My development and new learning during this assignment has evolved in two ways; further growth of current skills and a strong development in consolidating newly acquired skills.

Given the scale of this project, time management and research were both very big factors. These are two things which I have experience in from previous projects, however nothing to this scale. Therefore this project represented a new opportunity to develop those existing skills.

The core process of my project began with research into my subject and assuring I had a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding on the matter. My scope was far narrower but the material which I explored undoubtedly had a great influence on my understanding and opinion. I think this is reflected in my outcomes which illustrate that I have a very good understanding of my subject. The way I managed my research and also identified new material to focus on was something that I improved on as the size of the project demanded thorough planning and handling of sources.

Also, considering the canon of my study was something that had been properly introduced to me and I found this a very good way to embed the full extent of my research in a strong foundation of understanding for my topic. Furthermore, because I was handling a lot of material, it was important to ensure I had the skills to evaluate their worth. Figure 1 shows the chart I made to help me identify the different aspects of a source where I could understand the opportunities and limitations of the research material. This was not something I had done before in such depth and I found this to be very beneficial.

Figure 1

Figure 1

The size of the project meant that my organisation of time was essential and the scale to which I have carried that out in this assignment is above anything I have ever done. I had created a Gantt chart which gave me a convenient overview of tasks and time and a daily schedule plan which informed me of what it is I should be doing each day and where I should be at each week. I was aware that my workflow would not follow these plans exactly, especially the daily plan. However I redrafted those plans to better reflect the time remaining and the tasks to complete. This was done at important intervals throughout the project where significant progress or change had occurred. I think it was my ability to address my current situation and plan my time accordingly which was a very good skill to develop and it certainly helped my keep on top of my work and produce quality outcomes.

The aspect of my work which demonstrates development in consolidating newly acquired skills lies in my creative decision making through my graphic visualisation cards, particularly with using Adobe Illustrator. My organisation in handling assets when creating the cards in Illustrator was a very important factor. As this project was far bigger than anything I had done before I knew I needed to organise every aspect when creating the cards to ensure the process ran with extreme sufficiency and this is something I believe I achieved very well and also, it is something which I documented very well on the blog.

Also, something which I had no experience in at all was setting up files for printing and cutting. Through this part of the project (the cards) I have had some activity with setting up bleed and crop marks and getting files test printed. This part I think is fundamental practise and is a good way to develop problem solving skills through the process of elimination. When I planned my time I initially gave myself a week (or less) to get the cards printed off. I assumed this would be more than enough time. However I had nothing to base this assumption on. In actual fact, printing the cards was the longest process of any task in the project and this surprised me. I expected for this task to run smoothly, however, this was not at all the case. I ran into a lot of issues which were very time consuming. It was fortunate that I changed the order in which I produced my outcomes. Had I left it that late I would certainly not have got far. I was very naïve in my assumption and this experience has taught me that this process, especially when I have no experience with it, requires a lot of problem solving and continuity time. This was a very big aspect of my new learning and this experience allowed me to better understand how to effectively manage a big project, including handling and planning for tasks that I have little or no experience in.