I have spoken to reprographics for the last few days to chase up what is happening with the printing of my cards. Today they said that they have been printed and will be getting cut later and that they would be ready for Tuesday morning.

I also sent across my article and paper for them to print off ready for the presentation and to hand in.

Unfortunately though this means that I cannot buy/make any kind of box to house the cards in. Although I know the dimensions of the cards, I do not know how thick the stack will be. They are certainly thicker than a standard deck of cards and so a normal playing card tuck box would not work. This means that I will just have to hand in the cards. This was my initial plan outline din my planning folder that was signed off but I did really want to have something to house the cards in so it finished the project off well.

I have now finished everything and so all is left to do is practice for the presentation next week.