This morning I went to reprographics to pick up my cards and the printed versions of my article and paper. I was told the cards would be done and everything would be ready. The cards were not yet done and still had to be cut. Problems continued as they could not line the cards up to print and cut properly. So, in the end I came away missing some cards. I believe there is around 10 missing from the entire deck.

I have handed 2 decks in (minus the 10 from each) and these serve as the prototype for this outcome. I have also handed in the digital pdf files which have all 52 cards on. I really did want to hand in more than a prototype and in some respect I have as the outcome is above the quality expected for a prototype but there are some cards missing still. I also wanted to create a tuck box to house the cards in but having only got the cards this morning, that was not possible as I didn’t know the dimensions of the depth of the deck.

This short post was just to explain the reasons I addressed prior to submitting my work.